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Welcome to the Courtney Created Collections

We believe that you are your best accessory and you can no longer stand in the way of your own Divine Energetic Purpose. To those that have landed on this site, you are not lost, you are not broken. Every day, we are presented with a new opportunity to
re-create ourselves, to re-emerge from our cocoons. This is why we offer a wholesome lifestyle experience including personal development coaching, sounding board advice, and creatively designed art pieces to inspire you to
Emerge A Master over self.

Courtney Created Collection isn't simply an online shop operated by Arise Dama LLC. | Emerge A 
MasterTN -- we're a lifestyle brand.

Latest Creations to Energize
the Mind, Body, & Soul 

Why are we unique?

— Emerge A MasterTN Unity

We have faced many struggles in our collective life experiences, and in some way, likely have been where you are, and like you, we are SURVIVORS -- WARRIORS -- who know we have Greater Purpose in this world. We've overcome worry, doubt, and fear and it's our duty to show up in the world as who we've emerged to be -- A MASTER -- over self and to pour our mastery into others. 
We are the light-savers that brighten the spirits & lives of our clients. We breathe life into our designs from conception to execution. With naturally sourced crystals, gemstones, & herbs, our rare finds are crafted into various products from jewelry, teas, and more.



Featured Products